Passive Income?

Published on 29 April 2024 at 15:47

Passive income is something that is talked about a lot, but what is it really? 

There are countless advertisements and "how to" videos on the internet proclaiming the easy way to financial freedom, but is passive income a reality?

I have not found any get rich quick scheme or other way to make money without some type of investment, whether it is time, effort or cold hard cash, passive income is not as passive as it claims to be. Short of winning the lottery, which also takes an investment, I have not found a way to achieve financial freedom with no effort.

What I have found are several ways to earn money that don't take much time, effort or cash, as well as many that require all of the above. Below are some of the ways that I keep a steady stream of semi- passive income, see if you want to try them for yourself.


Investing in Crypto currency is something that I avoided for a long time, because I thought it was a scam. I decided to learn more and changed my mind.  is an easy to use crypto exchange. They have "missions" that you can complete as you learn more about crypto trading.  The rewards for completing missions are free crypto,  which are usually pretty minimal, but it's free crypto, which helps you diversify your investments with very little cash input. They also have ways to earn interest on many cryptocurrencies. Some people have made a fortune by buying/trading well. I have not struck it rich as yet, but have and do make a nice extra income with my crypto.


Stock is another great investment that comes with risks. You can make a lot of money on stocks or just as easily lose it all.

Stash is an online bank app that gives you stock rewards when you use your ATM card as well as "stockparties" where you earn a percentage of a particular stock, the amount is different every time,  with many factors such as the number of attendees and the base offer of the "host". Once again this is usually fairly minimal,  but it's free stock and it helps you you build a diverse portfolio easily with out much investment. 

SoFi is another banking app that also allows investing in multiple stocks, but I am not aware of any free stuff.


Chime is a banking app that will give you a secured credit card shortly after you get a checking/savings account with them. The advantage is that you use this card to make purchases or pay bills and they report it all to the credit bureaus as if you paid your credit card bill in full every month. This really helped me to build my credit.

An Amazon credit card gives you discounts and rewards on your Amazon purchases, if you use Amazon often this is a no-brainer.


Square makes business easy. They have several POS (point of sale) options to choose from, my favorite being the magstripe reader, since it is so small and easy to use. Square has many options to suit your business needs. 

Cash App

Cash App is another great way to get paid for products, services, and send money. Enter the code D2L2MN2 when you sign up and we'll both get $5 when you try it.


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