Do you think of suicide?

Feel so broken inside.

Ever feel like no one cares?

Are you sick of the stares?

So alone, everyone else in pairs.

Do you wonder what's the use?

Always suffering some abuse.

Can't break the chains, get loose.

Never can get things quite right.

Can't even sleep at night.

Always caught up in a fight.

No one there when you need it.

Feeling like an empty pit.

Really ready to just quit.

Wouldn't be missed a bit.

Nobody would even notice it.

I have felt this way.

I feel it almost every day.

Is there anyone else this way?

Obviously, if you are in the act of killing yourself and want help call 911.


If you are depressed and contemplating suicide you

can try:

KLove has people that will pray with you 24 hours a day. Their number is: (800) 525-LOVE (5683)

Call the suicide hotline: 1 800 448 3000

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