Amythyst Meditations

Close your eyes and breathe in deep.

Take your time, the path is steep.

Walk along as your muscles relax.

Leave all tension behind, in your tracks.

In the clearing, at the end of the path,

A beautiful fountain, go, take a bath.

Water dances over jewels, shining in the light.

Sparkling rainbows, clear and bright.

All worry and pain simply washes away.

All of it gone, gone to stay.

Feeling clean, all fresh and new.

A small child comes into view.

The babe approaches cautiously at first.

You crave their arrival as if with thirst.

This beautiful child is your former self. 

Smiling and innocent, like a little elf.

Climbs into the fountain next to you.

Now that you're together, what will you do?

Ask the cherub... What do you like best?

Sit back. listen, just rest...

How do you have the most fun?

Quietly listen until they're done...

What makes joy fill your heart?

What is your favorite part?

What do you really want to do?

What will set our soul free?

Ask anything you'd like to know...

As you both feel the flow.

Talk or play, if you'd like...

Or get out and take a hike...

Do whatever pleases this child...

No matter how simple or how wild...

Never forget the gifts they brung...

Or if there was a song you sung...

For these are your keys to being young.