Killing Pain Without a Prescription

Published on 9 August 2023 at 12:22

The news is full of talk about the "opioid crisis" and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories have both side effects and risks as well.

So how can we ease pain without all those chemicals?

Physical pain can be chronic, due to an injury or illness. I have had a lot of injuries over time and  those injuries were acutely painful when they occurred and in time some have faded or even gone away, however many have not gone away and remain painful chronically or the pain reoccurs. I have spent years looking for viable solutions to pain without a prescription.

While, I believe, that both prescription and over-the-counter medicines can be helpful sometimes and for some people, which is part of why I didn't say "killing pain without pills", however they all come with risks which get magnified when the use is chronic, because the pain is chronic. The other reason is vitamins and supplements are pills, and some carry risks and sideffects as well but can be very beneficial in natural pain reduction.

CBD has been a lifesaver for me in this area. Topically applying CBD to my knee, neck, shoulder, ankle (all chronic areas for me due to injury) and even my sinus pain is helped when I apply it to my face and brows. I am not talking about a little ache associated with allergies, although I have issues with those as well, but I had my nose badly broken, and several surgeries to fix it, the injury was about 25 years ago, but I can still remember the sound inside my head on impact. I have also had sinus surgery twice in more recent years because my sinuses become closed and infected due to the original injury and have to be opened back up for me to heal. The CBD rollon that I use on my face is cooling, which helps relieve the hot inflammation and blood vessels. The slight menthol aroma helps clear my sinuses as well, but be very cautious not to get it in your eyes. I don't think it causes any real damage, but a frozen eye is very uncomfortable, I found out early on.

Absolute Nature has the best CBD products, in my opinion.

Are you interested in learning more about CBD and its uses? 

Before I found CBD, I tried many other methods with varying degrees of effect, but the ones that I found helpful I will tell you about. While trying to help my pain I discovered BioMagScience which introduced me to the healing properties and uses of magnetic energy. There are many ways that magnetic energy can help us heal, from allergies and Alzheimer's to vomiting and whiplash, that's where I come in, the pain in my neck.

Although I got a lot of relief using my Biomagnet kit, I had a couple issues. Patience (not my strong suit), using biomagnets can give some immediate relief but the real advantages come with consistent and prolonged use. I have a very hard time staying still, which also hinders me in meditation, as well as other aspects of my life and healing journey. I also have a hard time making something like that a routine. So while I have had some success using biomagnets, I haven't worked with them on a regular basis, reaping the most from their benefits. I also found that positioning the magnets correctly on yourself can be a challenge in certain areas of the body. My best success is in relieving my headaches, positioning is not an issue and it helps fairly quickly. The magnets are quite small and don't cause any discomfort, I frequently forget they are there once the pain subsides. I once even went to the convenience store with them on my forehead, I realised as I passed my reflection going out of the store! Another time I got up to take the clothes out of my dryer and stuck my head to the dryer! 

Physical pain is not the only use for biomagnets, but it is the one I have pursued most. I was hoping to participating in a program that also uses magnetic energy, but in a whole different way, helping to heal a different kind of chronic pain in my life, Major Depressive Disorder. This procedure uses magnetic pulses to stimulate growth in the neural pathways in the brain, opening new paths for thought to travel. It is believed that in someone with Major Depressive Disorder (as well as some other mental health diagnoses, that I won't mention until they have been approved) the neural pathways that lead to negative memories, negative feelings (both emotional and physical) etc. are reinforced by use while other pathways that aren't used as much can disappear. To me it sounds like paths through a forest, the already beaten path continues to get the most use and the others eventually fade away. Just as with the forest, the beaten path is not necessarily the "best" path, simply the one we use most, so it could be safest, it could be quickest, it could be easiest and that's why it get used more, or it could be because we are used to it, anything else is a risk, we already know what we will encounter on this path, but familiar and best are not always the same. As I mentioned about Biomagnets, this treatment also takes time and consistency, about 6 weeks of 5 days a week, the treatments take less than 30 minutes, 30 minutes away, but it's still a commitment. I was not able to try this program because my insurance company stopped covering the hospital that has the program.

Binaural beats help me a lot. I regularly use recorded meditations (am creating some of my own) but sometimes hearing someone's voice can be quite counterintuitive to relaxation for me. There are many meditations that are simply relaxing music, but binaural beats are different, it's a combination of two tones, one in the right ear and one in the left ear and the result is that your brain "hears" a binaural tone. The tone isn't really there, but you perceive the binaural. These frequencies can be used to heal. One of my favorite binaural beats is called Digital Painkiller and if I can fall asleep listening to it, I almost always wake up feeling much better. When I had COVID and nothing helped me, it was the worst and I thought I was dying for a full month, this beat is the only thing that brought me any comfort. 

I hope that I will soon be making beats that help people as much as this video has helped me.


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