I appreciate you taking the time to review this information.

The United States of America currently has no licensing policy in regard to Sound or Energy Healing, and I, Amy Folkes am not a licensed Medical Doctor, physician or therapist. I do not deal with drugs, nor do I issue a diagnosis or suggest cures. Any advice I give is my personal opinion from my experience and should not be taken against licensed medical advice. I have some medical knowledge and experience in being a home health and hospice aide no formal medical training.

My purpose is simply to provide a safe space for my client to experience healing through natural processes. I consider the use of sound, energy, herbs, essential oils, crystals, and any other natural healing modality as a way to encourage the body to get back to optimal functioning and everyone reacts to these methods individually. I make no claims for their medicinal actions. Any information offered is done so on the basis of personal experience and traditional uses.

Note: if you’re pregnant, nursing, diabetic, have a pacemaker, metal within your body or taking any medications, please consult your physician before adding any herbals, essential oils, sound healing, or bio-magnetic therapy to your routine. If you are insulin dependent caution should also be taken with energy healing.

You agree to make your own choices as to what you do with the educational material you have been offered and are solely responsible for your own decisions and actions. It is always my recommendation to seek out the advice of a licensed health care professional whenever you feel it is necessary in regard to your own personal health, especially with serious conditions. You need to consult with your physician and get approval for sound healing sessions if you have metal in your body, suffered concussions, have a pacemaker, use an insulin pump, or any other foreign body within your body. If in doubt, consult your physician before using sound healing.

Some issues such as suicidal thoughts or late-stage cancer or substance abuse are beyond the scope of my expertise, and I would advise you to seek outside help.

Amy Folkes is not a licensed physician and will neither diagnose nor prescribe any condition nor does she make any specific claims regarding results from the sessions that you receive. Nothing in the work Amy Folkes does is considered the practice of medicine.

Amy Folkes does not diagnose illness, disease, or mental disorder. Nor do I prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals. It has been made clear that my advice is not a substitute for a medical examination or diagnosis and that it is recommended that I see a medical doctor for any physical or mental ailment.

AmythystBeatz is my record label for both my sound healing and other beats. These tracks are my creation from my recordings and instruments, as well as purchased commercial royalty-free items from both Zenmix and MusicMaker.