A Personal Touch

Published on 13 March 2024 at 16:18

A course I recently took really changed my perspective on a lot of things. Rainey Marie Highley put together a course about the 13 Chakras that she feels are most important to our health and well-being, these include the traditional 7 Chakras, but include 6 others that help to specify and clarify where issues may dwell. She is author of several books as well as courses. Her books explain the 13 Chakra system as well as many more enlightened theories. The book I am enjoying reading right now is The Water Code, and it's very interesting and informative. At the moment she has taken down the course in order to fix some technical issues, but as soon as it's back I will add a link here. In the meantime if you would like to know more get The Water Code on Kindle or visit her website 4authenticity.

Ok so now what am I talking about "personal touch"?

I had a couple technical issues while taking the 13 Chakra course. I emailed Rainey about it and she responded within 1/2 hour. We tried several maneuvers that she thought of and they didn't work, I still don't know whether it was really my "smart" phone that was the problem. She told me she would have her tech person look into it and get back to me. By evening she had sent a link to get to the course a different way and everything went great from there. So I was already impressed by her great communication but then today I got a big envelope in the mail, it contained a beautiful certificate for finishing the course, one of her books, 8 Things to Know About Where We Go, and a really nice handwritten card congratulating me on finishing the course. She doesn't know it but that book is a very good fit for me, since I am a home hospice aide, and I am very grateful for it. While taking the course I could tell she was a very genuine person, and believes what she's saying, her customer service is impeccable, and the course was very reasonably priced. I look forward to taking other courses and continuing my membership in her Facebook group. I will be discussing more about what I have learned from her soon. 

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