Possible Link Between Body Temperature and Depression

Published on 7 February 2024 at 13:04

A study may show a link between body temperature and depression. In an article on Science Alert I read that "There's a Curious Link Between Depression And Body Temperature, Large Study Finds."

The article claims that this study alone, is not enough to show a causal link between high body temperature and depression, but definitely warrants more research. "As thorough as the study is – involving participants from 106 countries – it's not enough to show that a higher body temperature is causing depression, or indeed that depression is leading to the warming up of the body."

"The study data showed that as self-reported depression symptoms became more severe, body temperature averages got higher. There was also some association between higher depression scores and lower daily temperature fluctuations, but not to a statistically significant level."

Although this information is incomplete and needs more investigation, I find it very interesting. I, myself have had depression forever and generally have a low body temperature around 96.5 most of the time, and very rarely experience a fever. I have not noticed whether my temperature might be different when I am experiencing a depressive episode, but am going to be more mindful of it in the future. I have definitely experienced higher body temperature when my anxiety is bad, which many times coincides with my depression, but not always. It's amazing how interconnected all our systems, feelings, and symptoms are. 

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