Published on 1 November 2023 at 20:14

Embark Psychedelic Major Depression Program

EMBARK is a leading-edge model of psychedelic support co-developed by Alex Belser, PhD, and Bill Brennan, PhD. EMBARK was born out of a desire to build upon the successes and shortcomings of previous approaches to create a model that enables participants to receive maximum benefit from their treatment. EMBARK provides six clinical domains (Existential-Spiritual, Mindfulness, Body Aware, Affective-Cognitive, Relational, and Keeping Momentum) representing the broad range of experiences that can potentially arise in psychedelic treatment, and the equally broad training needed to prepare therapists to support them all. Additionally, EMBARK is built upon four care cornerstones: trauma-informed care, culturally competent care, ethically rigorous care, and collective care. 

That's their spiel, but I took the course and it greatly exceeded my expectations. I have not at this time tried using the psychedelics described, but I have a large store of knowledge on the subject now. I recommend the course to any healer, counselor, etc. Their course gives a lot of information from a lot of experts and includes in depth guidelines on professionalism in this modality. The course mostly sticks with the effects on Major Depression but does talk some about the other conditions that may be helped by psychedelics, such as PTSD, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. 

While Congress is still dragging it's feet on legalizing herbal medicines such as psilocybin and marijuana many states are looking to legalize such as Rhode Island.

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